Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup Look

The other day when mindlessly watching snap stories on snapchat, I came across a snap that Kim Kardashian had posted with a gorgeous gold glitter eye look. I had played around with gold glitter earlier that day for my Falliday makeup look, so I decided to create a different look using Kim Kardashian's makeup as [...]

5 Minute Glam

I first got sucked into the whole YouTube world when I began obsessing over makeup tutorials. I would sit in my room and practice all the different makeup techniques while watching people like Jaclyn Hill, NikkieTutorials and Manny MUA (just to name a few). I ended up learning so much that people around be began [...]

I Found The Best Drugstore Foundation

I have a bittersweet relationship with drugstore makeup. On the one hand, I absolutely love a good drugstore brand and/or product, on the other, it irks me that many brands are starting to sell their products at high end prices. If I wanted to buy a foundation for $30, I would go to Sephora or [...]

Eclipse Makeup |No Glasses Required

Am I the only one that was semi-nervous for the eclipse? Maybe I've seen the movie melancholia one too many times, but I convinced myself that the hours leading up to the eclipse cast an ominous shadow on the world. Dramatic? yes. I drew all the blinds this afternoon and patiently awaited what was touted to [...]

| Canada 150 Makeup Look | Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette |

Here's to 150 years of the greatest country in the world (I might be a little biased). Canada is turning 150 years old this year and to celebrate I decided to create a red and white makeup look using Jaclyn Hill's Morphe Palette. I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for awhile, and [...]