Holiday Sparkles for Day and Night

Holiday Sparkles for Day and Night

Tomorrow is officially the first day of December so I think we're finally allowed to start talking about the holidays and most importantly - holiday outfits. Anyone who knows me knows I love anything that sparkles, my theory is that you can never have too much glitter in your life. One of the reasons why [...]

OOTD and Another Sephora Trip

After a particularly rough week, I decided to treat myself today (a la Tom and Donna).  I went to sephora and got a mini makeover-the poor makeup lady had to hear all about my woes and the reason why I was treating myself- which was great because I got to ask the beauty experts all [...]


I feel like todays OOTD looked better in person than when photographed (I took like 10 different pictures in different poses and locations before I got one that I thought was decent). Regardless, I loved this outfit for a casual Sunday afternoon. I got the pants yesterday from H&M for only (get this) $10!!. I'm [...]