Easy Heatless Hairstyles Feat. Madison Braids

Easy Heatless Hairstyles Featuring Madison Braids I've never been able to do a cute little bang braid or a side braid without it looking like an absolute mess. Although I love the look of a beachy wave or updo with a braid, I always steer clear of it because of my lack of braiding ability. [...]

Fixing The Dreaded Back Part

Fixing The Dreaded Back Part You know the one I'm talking about, I can't be the only one! Basically, I absolutely hate wearing my hair down because my hair splits at the crown and I don't mean just slightly.. It looks like I have a full on bald spot! I've had hairdressers tell me that [...]

YUGE | Beyond Big Hair |Hot Oil Treatment Review

YUGE Beyond Big Hair Hot Oil Treatment Review Give me a good face mask any day and I'll use that puppy up almost immediately, but when it comes to hair masks i'm not giving my locks any lovin'. I got the Yuge Hot Oil Treatment from Lush Cosmetics as a Christmas present and I never [...]

| Belle Hair | Free Extensions!?|

Belle Hair, Free Extensions!? I'm sure by now you've seen the advertisements for Belle Hair extensions all over Facebook, Belle Hair is a company that wants to give out free extensions to women (just pay shipping) in an attempt to make women feel happier and more confident. I've been in the market for extensions for [...]

The BEST drugstore product for sleek, silky hair

The BEST drugstore product for sleek, silky hair

I've always had dry brittle hair, it's something I've been cursed with and I've tried absolutely everything to achieve that straight shiny look. It wasn't until I started using this drugstore product that my hair became shiny and manageable. I couldn't believe it, all that money spent on high end beauty products and in the [...]