Quick & Easy Cheese Board

I'll find any excuse to make a cheese board, seriously. Friends coming over? Cheese Board. Family stopping by? Cheese Board. Wednesday night? You guessed it, cheese board. Let's just say, I know my way around the cheese section at the grocery store, that's why I wanted to make this quick & easy cheese board video [...]

Easy Froot Loops Cupcakes with Ani and Fabi

Easy Froot Loops Cupcakes with Ani and Fabi I've always loved cooking and baking, as far back as I can remember, I would always be in the kitchen, trying to help my mom whip up whatever creation she was making that day. Unfortunately, I hardly have time to make myself dinner, let alone bake delicious [...]

Making Middle Eastern Mujadara

For those of you who don't know, I'm middle eastern! Although I've been living in Canada most of my life, my family tried to keep middle eastern traditions alive through celebrating cultural holidays, listening to arabic music and of course, through arabic cooking. One of the recipes my parents always used to make was Mujadara, [...]