What The #*$@ is Contouring!?

I've actually heard this question a lot, especially since the word contouring has gotten so popular thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Essentially contouring is the technique of creating shadows on your face to manipulate its appearance. Highlighting on the other hand is the technique of accentuating certain aspects of your face. [...]

OOTD and Another Sephora Trip

After a particularly rough week, I decided to treat myself today (a la Tom and Donna).  I went to sephora and got a mini makeover-the poor makeup lady had to hear all about my woes and the reason why I was treating myself- which was great because I got to ask the beauty experts all [...]

Little List of Summer Beauty Essentials

One of my favourite parts about this season is trying out new beauty products. Living in Canada, its basically winter 75% of the year, so my make-up bag contains -mostly- dark, rich colours. Once summer roles around its a whole new ball game. I try not to wear a lot of make up in the [...]