Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese With a Chrissy Teigen Twist

First I have to say that it feels so good to be back! I took a little YouTube hiatus with the intention of really figuring out where I want my channel to go and what I want to do. I knew I loved making videos (it honestly calms me down) but I was so tired [...]

Maximize Your Space | Small Apartment Organization

John and I live in a small apartment and when I say small...its really small. We love it though, its perfect for the two of us and we always manage to keep it looking really cozy but the problem with small spaces is that they can end up looking cluttered VERY quickly. Thats why, over [...]

An Arab Girls Guide to Interracial Marriage

An Arab Girls Guide to Interracial Marriage

If you've been following my socials, you'll know that my camera broke - after a particularly heartbreaking flat lay photo attempt - and I haven't been able to record anything on my channel which is driving me absolutely nuts. If you're new here, then welcome! Check out my youtube channel for more beauty/lifestyle posts. Todays [...]

Easy Froot Loops Cupcakes with Ani and Fabi

Easy Froot Loops Cupcakes with Ani and Fabi I've always loved cooking and baking, as far back as I can remember, I would always be in the kitchen, trying to help my mom whip up whatever creation she was making that day. Unfortunately, I hardly have time to make myself dinner, let alone bake delicious [...]

|Essential Oils 101|Featuring AromaForce |

|Essential Oils 101|Featuring AromaForce | I feel like those who know me are not surprised at the amount of essential oil videos i've been making lately since i'm pretty much obsessed with the stuff. For todays video, I teamed up with Aromaforce, an essential oil company based out of Montreal. Aromaforce was generous enough to [...]

Anti DIY | Do Not DIY These Things!

Anti DIY, Do not DIY these things!! I'm all for being budget friendly and DIYing (although most of my DIY attempts end up looking like Pinterest fails but thats besides the point). It's always nice to make something on your own rather than going out and buying it but at the end of the day, [...]

An Anxious Girls Guide to Relaxation

An Anxious Girls Guide to Relaxation Something that I rarely discuss on my YouTube channel is anxiety, even though its been something that I have dealt with since I was 13 years old. I've always been an advocate of ending the stigma and starting the conversation, so when I woke up the past few days [...]