Should You Get a Weighted Blanket

Should you get a weighted blanket? That's the question I kept asking myself as I saw countless articles, blog posts and testimonials swearing by them. I chalked it up to being the latest fad, after all, who would want a heavy blanket draped over them when they were feeling anxious? It wasn't until a friend [...]

Vitamin D Deficiency | 6 Month Update

Vitamin D Deficiency | 6 Month Update Last fall, I uploaded a video to my channel titled "Vitamin D Deficiency & Hair Loss!?". Basically, I had noticed my hair thinning/falling out for quite some time and I didn't know why. It was terrifying and I thought something was seriously wrong. That is until I went [...]

Who Are You Donating For? | Canadian Blood Services

Who Are You Donating For YQG? | Canadian Blood Services A few weeks ago, my local Canadian Blood Services Donor Clinic in Windsor contacted me to ask if I would want to collaborate. To be honest, I had never even thought of collaborating with a non-profit organization like Canadian Blood Services before (and I've always [...]

Getting Married? Everything You Need To Know!

Getting Married? Here is everything you need to know for an affordable, beautiful, wedding. John and I got married almost 3 years ago and we did every shortcut in the book to make our wedding affordable but still beautiful and elegant. Since getting married, i've had so many people ask me for advice oh decorations, [...]

Quick & Easy Cheese Board

I'll find any excuse to make a cheese board, seriously. Friends coming over? Cheese Board. Family stopping by? Cheese Board. Wednesday night? You guessed it, cheese board. Let's just say, I know my way around the cheese section at the grocery store, that's why I wanted to make this quick & easy cheese board video [...]

Ace Your Space: Decorating with Pillows

I am the self-proclaimed pillow queen. Seriously, before I moved into our place, John didn't have much in terms of decorations. My first order of business was to fill the couch with throw pillows. It instantly made the space look so cozy while adding some decorative flair. I seriously think when you're decorating a small [...]

Zero Waste Holiday Hacks

Do you ever look around at christmas and notice just how much waste is made? Between wrapping paper, christmas cards, decorations and even the food, so much waste is produced during this one festive season. Thats why, this year I'm attempting to have a zero waste Christmas. I had no idea how I was going [...]