Gee Hair Transformation | Eco Multiway Weave


First of all, I want to thank the lovely people at Gee Hair for collaborating with me on this video. I received an email from their team asking if I had wanted to work with them, I was a little iffy at first considering I had reviewed some extensions that turned out to be a little less than desirable before, but after I checked out their website, I immediately said yes.

Gee hair is different from other hair extension companies, I feel like they really understand the downsides of most hair extension brands and have fixed the problem using innovative technology (or Genius Technology, get it? Gee Hair, Genius Hair). Their tracks, clips and even hair quality is different from anything that I’ve experienced before. Check out my video to find out more about my Gee Hair experience. Visit their website (linked below) and don’t forget to use my code LAYAN10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase.

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Belle Hair Extension Review



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