Vitamin D Deficiency and Hair Loss!?

A few weeks ago, I uploaded a video about “the dreaded back part” where I talked about an annoying split in my hair that I could not get rid of. The video received a lot of engagement with people saying they deal with the exact same thing! You guys were leaving me comments and messaging me on instagram to express your frustrations with this – it was so nice to chat and compare stories!

It wasn’t until I received a message from a viewer saying that she was going to seek medical attention for her hair loss that I started to take mine a little more seriously. She was diagnosed with telogen effluvium, a form of hair loss that happens when you go through major stress or trauma. I was a little more stressed out and irritable than usual, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Her story stayed in the back of my mind and I kept noticing my hair thinning in photos and videos, it became a huge pain point and I was super self conscious about it.

I decided to visit my doctor and found out that I was actually suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency and the hair loss wasn’t the only symptom…

I had been suffering with symptoms that had gone unnoticed and under the radar for awhile. Remember that irritability I talked about earlier? Well anxiety and depression can be major indicators of a deficiency – who knew!? I hope you guys enjoy this video and let me know if you’ve ever dealt with something like this before!

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