YUGE | Beyond Big Hair |Hot Oil Treatment Review

YUGE Beyond Big Hair Hot Oil Treatment Review

Give me a good face mask any day and I’ll use that puppy up almost immediately, but when it comes to hair masks i’m not giving my locks any lovin’. I got the Yuge Hot Oil Treatment from Lush Cosmetics as a Christmas present and I never really got around to using it; in fact, I forgot I even had it in the first place. I decided to give it a go the other day, I really haven’t been diggin’ how lifeless and dull my hair has been and this mask promises to give your hair a “yuge” boost using natural ingredients such a sea salt,  jojoba oil and guar gum. Thats what I love about Lush products, they’re all natural yet really work – what more could you really ask for?

All you need for this hot oil treatment is some hot water and a heat resistant container (I used a ceramic bowl). Check out the video to see how I felt about this mask and how it worked on my hair and while you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

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buy the treatment: https://www.lush.ca/en/hair/hair-treatments/yuge/07371.html

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