✽ ✽ Glow On The Go ✽ ✽

✽ ✽ Glow On The Go ✽ ✽

Spring has finally sprung!!!! ok not really, its still pretty darn cold where I am in Canada, but I can just feel spring right around the corner! To me that means bright colours, florals (groundbreaking…) and of course, fresh dewy makeup. Lately, I’ve been playing around with different ways of applying my foundation to try to find a technique that will leave my skin looking and feeling moisturized and dewy. This winter was brutal for my dry skin, I just felt chapped and gross all season long so I was definitely into getting some real hydration going on. I found a great technique to get that glow, on the go! It takes almost no time at all and leaves your skin looking amazing all day long. I also tried out the Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal mascara for the first time in this video, check it out to see what I thought!

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