5 Steps for All Day Foundation

5 Steps for all day foundation

You know that feeling when you’ve put on a full face of makeup in the morning, only to realize that its completely vanished midday? Yeah, its not great, especially when you’ve spent time covering up imperfections that you’d rather keep concealed. Today i’m sharing my 5 easy steps to achieve a flawless foundation look that lasts all.day.long. seriously!

It was really important to me to feature makeup that can be easily accessible to everyone. I remember watching routines when I was younger or first getting into makeup and realizing I didn’t have half of the products and if I wanted to get them, i’d have to seriously break the bank. My mom was never big on makeup growing up, she loved lipsticks but thats about it, so when I first started getting into the makeup world, I was using a small, Estèe Lauder palette that my mom had gotten as a gift and never used. It had two eyeshadow shades, a bronzer, a blush and a highlight. My makeup collection is pretty massive now, but I still like to keep it simple when showing you guys my routines, because I want them to be accessible and easy for everyone to follow along. I really hope you guys enjoy this video!!

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Updated Foundation Routine


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