|Essential Oils 101|Featuring AromaForce |

|Essential Oils 101|Featuring AromaForce |

I feel like those who know me are not surprised at the amount of essential oil videos i’ve been making lately since i’m pretty much obsessed with the stuff. For todays video, I teamed up with Aromaforce, an essential oil company based out of Montreal. Aromaforce was generous enough to send me a set of four of their essential oils, since I’ve already been using their products for awhile now, it was a no brainer that I would want to collaborate on this video to show you guys some of their amazing products and their health benefits. Be sure to visit their website to check out all of their oils. If you have any questions about essential oils and which ones are right for you, make sure to leave them in the comments.

Aromaforce essential oils

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5 thoughts on “|Essential Oils 101|Featuring AromaForce |

  1. Great video! I’ve been using essential oils for decades and I lived in Montreal until just 5 years ago. But somehow I never tried Aromaforce oils. Will have to look for them! (BTW ylang ylang is one of my absolute favourites!)

    I also want to say thank you so much for including the safety info in your video. As an epileptic, there are a lot of wonderful essential oils that I’d love to use but can’t for safety reasons. I have had seizures triggered by oils before I knew how I would react to them, and these were some of the worst seizures of my life. So I’m always pleased when I see folks who include the safety warnings for herbs and essential oils. Both can be extremely potent, and should be used with caution.


  2. I have heard SO MUCH about essential oils, but I had no idea that they could cause seizures! I’m currently struggling with some brain issues that may be internal seizures, and I had never thought about oils being a cause of those episodes.

    That aside, essential oils really are everywhere at the moment, so they must be as awesome as everyone says they are! Once I get my health in order I’ll have to look into them.

    Indya || The Small Adventurer


  3. I learned a lot from this video, and I really appreciate the fact that you included the caution regarding using essential oils around pets. Many oils are particularly dangerous for cats, and can cause serious liver damage.


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