Quick & Easy Shower Steamers

Quick & Easy Shower Steamers

ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you how crazy I am about essential oils. I began getting into them about a year and a half ago, I moved out of my home and was having trouble sleeping in my new place. I generally get anxiety so the move definitely triggered my anxious side. I was up all night, heart racing, waking up every morning miserable and feeling even worse from the restless nights. Thats when I discovered essential oils, I purchased a tiny defuser and ran ylang ylang oil every night – and it worked! I was finally getting some rest and feeling a little more relaxed. When I realized all the wonders of essential oils, I began to wonder what the benefits were of all the other oils out there and I was blown away. Aromatherapy can help with a wide variety of illnesses and ailments.

Recently, I discovered shower steamers, a tiny pod that you can throw into your shower (either on your shower ledge or at the bottom of your tub) that will slowly dissolve with the steam of your shower and fill the bathroom with sweet aroma of whatever oils you choose to put into it. Aromatherapy baths have been around for centuries, this DIY project is an easy way to gain the benefits of an aromatherapy bath without any hassle. Not to mention, they’re completely non toxic, no worries having them around any little ones. In fact, if you have a restless kid, why not try giving them a shower with a lavender infused steamer before bed time?

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