Zoella’s YouTube Show & Tell Tag

Zoella’s YouTube Show & Tell Tag seemed like such a fun tag to participate in, I was really excited to make this video and go through some of my old footage even though it made me cringe so hard (my Much Music audition video makes me want to hide under the covers and never come out again). Although some of the footage was hard to watch at times, it made me realize how far I have come in my confidence and the quality of my videos in just two short years. I think this is one of my favourite (and longest) videos on my channel and I really hope you guys enjoy it too and remember to subscribe to my channel for new videos every week 🙂

Facebook: Layan Bee
Twitter: @Layan_Bee
Instagram: @Layan_Bee
Snapchat: itsmelayan

work with me: Layanb@live.com

My videos mentioned in this tag
– first video (itsmelayan)

– video i hate the most (debated putting this in here but whatever)

– Most viewed video (I got my entire face threaded! here’s what happened)

– Moving Day Vlog

– Hardest video to film (I think its time we have this conversation)

Channels I’m obsessed with

Tanya Burr

Amy Schmittauer

Sugar Pine 7

Sarah Kwak

Sofie’s World

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