Creepy Clown | Easy Halloween Makeup

I’ve never been one for crazy halloween makeup, I think I just get too impatient and the idea of putting liquid latex on my face just gives me the creeps. I feel like this year is going to  be the year of the clown in terms of Halloween makeup, especially with the movie IT coming out earlier this year (If my predictions are right, we’re going to see lots of clowns and lots of wonder women). I decided to put together a makeup look only using products I have in my cosmetics bag. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy and no special effects makeup. This is a super simple look and can be played up or down depending on the vibe you’re going for. If you have foundation, liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow and red lipstick, then you’re already halfway there.
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song used in this video:

Act One – Tenebrous Brothers Carnival by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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