Fall Makeup Using Tarte’s Hidden Treasures Palette

Ok so I’m slightly obsessed with this palette, I know.  Since I picked it up at the Sephora VIB Rouge Holiday Preview, I haven’t been able to shut up about it, seriously though. This is my third video in a row using it (and guess what, theres a fourth coming) but honestly I looooove it! Once you get past the fallout, the shades look phenomenal. It’s the perfect palette to kick off the fall season and thats exactly what I’m doing with this fall makeup look (yay fall!!). I used the treasure box palette (which I’ve been calling Hidden Treasures for the past week until I just realized thats entirely wrong, oops!)  to do my entire face and I love the way that it turned out! Not mention, this video made me extremely excited for everything fall; cozy sweaters, warm drinks, scary movies, can I get an amen for the best season ever? I hope you guys like this video, you know the drill, sound off in the comments with any questions, comments, thoughts or concerns, leave me some love with that thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, I try to upload as often as possible (I should really start making a schedule)


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