I Found The Best Drugstore Foundation

I have a bittersweet relationship with drugstore makeup. On the one hand, I absolutely love a good drugstore brand and/or product, on the other, it irks me that many brands are starting to sell their products at high end prices. If I wanted to buy a foundation for $30, I would go to Sephora or MAC. Not that the drugstore brands aren’t as good, some of them are really great, but when going the drugstore route, you’re looking for a deal. That’s why, for this video I decided to pick up the three most inexpensive drugstore foundations I could find (Maybelline Matte Fit Me foundation, Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous foundation and the Physicians Formula foundation) to find which one gives you the most bang for your buck. I judged the foundations on their packaging, longevity, and how well they went on. I had the idea to create this video because last December, I did the same thing with drugstore lipsticks and to this day, I still get people telling me they bought the lipstick that had won the challenge because of my video. Since the response was so great, I realized people really do want to find the best drugstore products and I’m here to do the dirty work for you. I hope you guys enjoy this video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I upload once a week (sometimes more).



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Click here to check out my drugstore lipstick video 

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