The Best Free Apps for Bloggers & Vloggers

My friend (who is also a blogger) and I often talk about the fact that being a blogger is like having a part time job. So much of our time, energy and attention is dedicated to generating quality content that will engage our readers/viewers. So when we do create those posts that we worked so hard on, we want to be able to promote them and attract as many viewers to them as possible. Being a blogger and a vlogger, I totally understand the struggle of finding good, free apps to help with the promotion of your blog/vlog. You know that there are communities out there with the same likes and interests, but you just don’t know how to engage them, or maybe you struggle in making attractive thumbnails to get people to click on your content. Maybe the issue is that you’re just too busy with your day and can’t find the time to post on social media as often as you would like. I’ve been blogging for just over a year now and I completely understand the struggles of all these issues, but over time I have found a few free apps that help make blogging just a little easier. I’ve put together all of the apps that I use most in this video, I hope you guys enjoy it and as always, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!!










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