Money Saving Tips For Every Bride

So, you got engaged and you’re like – now what!? I totally get it because I was there too. I was so excited to get engaged that it totally slipped my mind that I would have to plan a wedding afterwards. Not only that, but plan a wedding in 7 short months. Just reading that back makes me tired and anxious! John and I decided that the best way to save money on our wedding is to have a short, quick engagement. Sure we had to make a lot of compromises and didn’t have an elaborate wedding, but I still look back on our wedding day fondly and I would not change a thing! (ok well, maybe one or two things here and there). I understand how overwhelming, stressful and expensive weddings are, but John and I found so many ways to save money for our wedding that I thought I should share them with you guys! I honestly have been meaning to do this video since we got married but it keeps slipping my mind. I hope you guys find some good tips and tricks in this video and make sure to leave any money saving tips you may have in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!!!



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