Home Decor

A little while ago I posted a vlog about my whole experience with moving in with my now husband and how absolutely hectic it was (click here if you’d like to watch it)! Unfortunately, because of all the craziness of moving, I didn’t get as much footage as I wanted to so I decided to show you guys some of my favourite pieces in this blog post.

Before I moved in, this place was a total bachelor pad, picture grey furniture, Starwars posters and zero accessories. So I knew I wanted to keep a lot of the manly elements so that John wouldn’t feel as though I was totally revamping the place, but I also got his blessing to add as many decorations and accessories as I wanted to – yay!


First and foremost, I was adamant on covering the couch with pillows. I love, love, love couches that are packed with pillows. Sure, it isn’t always practical but who needs practicality when your couch looks oh-so-cute? John had purchased this ikea KARLSTAD couch way before I had moved in, and don’t get me wrong its a fantastic couch, but not very inviting or cozy. I jazzed it up with a fuzzy blanket and a few pillows and now its my favourite spot to hang out in the house.






Now I needed something for the walls, there isn’t much room in terms of wall space because its a fairly small house. This is the only area where I was really able to get creative and luckily for me its in the living room which allows it to become a focal point in the area. I decided to create a gallery wall. I went to Home Sense every now and then and bought any and every white picture frame they had on sale until I had enough to fill the whole space. Because we only got married 6 weeks ago, I don’t have any of my photos back yet so I decided to fill the frames with some of the cards we got from our engagement/wedding. I feel like it adds a nice little newly wed feel to our home.


Next was the mantle, ohhh the mantle, my favourite spot in terms of decorations. Earlier Layan-Look1_August7-LivelyCreativeCo-11in the year (and by earlier I mean back in January) I had been newly engaged and was still figuring out the theme I wanted to go with for the wedding – we did things very quickly! I was at Home Sense (see a trend here?) and found these gorgeous rose gold and gold glitter candles on sale. Now if you know me at all, you know my love – not love – PASSION for anything rose gold so I had to have them. I bought every single one they had in the store and even asked the clerk check to see if they had any more in the back (at $3 a piece, why wouldn’t I?). I was almost certain that I would use them for the wedding, that is until I packed them away and completely forgot about them till I unpacked all of my house stuff. It worked out though because now I have the glitziest mantle ever and I love it! Layan-Look1_August7-LivelyCreativeCo-12

I then added wooden picture frames to tone down the glitter (I had to give John a fighting chance). I love the shabby-chic look of glam mixed with natural materials and the dark wood on the frame really allowed me to tie in the dark colours of the fireplace with the decor on top.

I tried to add as many natural elements to this look as possible. John is a really outdoorsy, athletic guy and as for me, well, I have an obsession with anything that sparkles so you can see my dilemma when it came to decorating the place. At the end of the day, I feel like I was truly able to capture the best of both of our personalities. Little rustic knickknacks took this place from a bachelor pad to a cozy, liveable home for the two of us to start our lives together.



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