Kate Spade Back to School Giveaway!!

I honestly miss back to school, I miss the excitement of a new school year and indulging in new school supplies. I used to take my school supplies out once a day until school started just to stare at them – is that weird? I know I’m not alone on this one. Since I can’t really buy school supplies per se, I decided that I wanted to share some great Kate Spade school supplies with one lucky winner (check out my video for more info on the items i’m giving away). The rules are super easy:

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel (Layan Bee)
  2. Head over to my Instagram (@Layan_Bee) account and regram my Kate Spade giveaway photo
  3. Head over to my Twitter (@Layan_Bee) and retweet my Kate Spade giveaway tweet
  4. you must follow the YouTube Community Guidelines

This contest is in no way affiliated with YouTube or Kate Spade, I purchased all of these items to share with you guys. I will announce the winner on Instagram, Twitter and on my Facebook page (Layan bee) on Wednesday August 17th!

Good luck to everyone that enters!



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