Easy & Affordable Party Favors

As some of you may know from my many, many, MANY social media posts – I GOT ENGAGED!! My fiance (still feels so weird to say) and I are so excited to start this next chapter in our lives and share it with everyone we love. As happy and excited we are, we got a major reality check the second we got engaged and realized just how much everything costs. It’s enough to make anyone who’s planned their wedding for years and years throw their hands in the air and decide to elope. Seriously, Vegas seems like a better idea every day. Most girls have Pinterest board where they’ve planned every single detail of their wedding. From the rustic centre pieces to the bountiful candy bar, every perfectly staged photo sits on your board pressuring you to throw the most extravagant party. After many melt downs, tantrums and anxiety attacks I had to remind myself that a wedding is a celebration of love, not a competition for the most picturesque affair and at the end of the day all those Pinterest inspired details are just too expensive and time consuming. That’s why you have to pick the perfect decorations and crafts that represent you as a couple, everything else will just fall into place.

Last weekend, mine and John’s parents threw us an engagement party and I decided to try my hand at those crafty decorations and favors to give myself a little taste of the big day. I wanted to give my guests the perfect trinket that was memorable yet practical. John and I barely have anything in common, he loves sports and video games while my hobbies mostly consist of cosmetics and fashion- total opposites. Lucky for us, I happen to be a firm believer that opposites attract, he makes up for the aspects I’m lacking and vice versa – the prefect blend.

One of the few things that John and I have in common is our horrible caffeine addiction. Thus, the perfect party favor was born. For $50 I was able to create personalized and practical gifts for 30 of our closest guests and they were a hit! For just $20 I was able to get little favor boxes from the wedding section of Michaels Craft Store.gift1

We then went to a local brewer (Brewin Bro’s Beverage Co) and purchased two bags of Columbian coffee beans.gift2

I filled each box with enough beans for two cups of coffee, romantic right?gift4

Then personalized them with a tag reading “The Perfect Blend” on one side and our names on the other.gift5

Yes it’s kind of cutesy, but it was a great favor that really reflected us and was thoroughly enjoyed by all of our guests. I absolutely loved these and so did my guest. Super easy, super affordable and can be personalized for any interest.


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