Statement Pieces for a Casual Holiday Look

I can hardly believe that the holidays have come so quickly. Maybe it’s the warm weather, but I feel like we should be getting ready to celebrate Halloween rather than Christmas. One way that I like to get into the holiday spirit is by dressing the part. Sweaters, sparkles and of course, accessories are really the reason for the season – at least in my opinion. Sure the holidays bring lots of parties and events which give you ample opportunity to dress to the nines in your favourite pieces, but there are many off days where you just feel like you need a little festive pick-me-up; thats where statement jewelry comes in. I love a good statement piece, give me a chunky necklace or a flashy cuff and I’m a happy girl, which is why I like to incorporate my favourite accessories into every day outfits and get the most use out of them as possible.

A good statement piece can really take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. I’ve taken four statement pieces in fairly different styles and styled them with the tops I felt best complimented them. Hopefully this will help you out when putting together your holiday outfits.

  1. Beaded Necklace – I initially got this necklace in the summer time, It was actually featured it in my Forever 21 & H&M Haul video but I never really found opportunities to wear it until the winter. I love this necklace because its coppery undertones really compliment earthy colours – which is pretty much the colour scheme I tend to go for when it comes to my wardrobe. I decided to pair this necklace with two different outfits. The first is a mustard yellow cropped sweater and the second is an olive green chunky sweater. I really liked the way it looked with both, each colour bounced off the necklace allowing both the top and the accessory to compliment each other nicely. When wearing a statement piece thats as chunky as this one, keep your neckline simple. A crew neck or turtleneck match best with these pieces since they act as a backdrop for the necklace. accessories1
  2. Chunky Necklace- I got this necklace two years ago from Aldo and have been able to wear it every single season because of the broad range of colours. Although it features all pastels, the colours compliment rich maroons and blues very nicely, this necklace has been my ride or die every season since I bought it. I decided to wear it with a denim button down as a feminine twist to an almost masculine look. The necklace serves as almost a tie or bow-tie and I absolutely love this idea. Who said large statement pieces can only be worn with dressy outfits? This look is great for a dinner with the girls or a festive gift exchange.HA4
  3. Choker Chain- this one sounds super sinister, I promise you it isn’t. I got this necklace as a gift a few years ago, even though its a little more on the casual end, I’ve always liked it. It kind of gives off a hard as nails look to more feminine outfits. I chose to match it with a ultra-femme quarter sleeve black “ballet top” as I like to call it. I’m also getting major 90’s vibes from this outfit which I’m really into. A choker chain like this can look too busy with a higher neckline, when wearing a statement piece like this, keep your neckline low and classy. I tried to match this necklace with a few other necklines but didn’t really like the way it looked until I wrapped the necklace around my wrist and made a statement bracelet, its all about repurposing. Accessories3
  4. Long Chain- A long chain is a longtime go-to for me. Whenever I feel an outfit is lacking a little something, I add a long chain and it’s complete. What I like about these is they draw the eye to the centre of your outfit which (depending on your outfit) is generally the focal point. I wore this chain in my Holiday Sparkles post with a sequin tank and a cardigan, paired it again with a slouchy top and lastly with a chunky turtle neck. You can never go wrong with one of these. accessories2

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