Four Different Ways to Wear Ankle Boots (Booties)

Confession time, I’ve been rocking the same winter boots for the past four years. I initially found them at the end of the season back in 2011 (holy smokes time flies) and fell in love with them at first sight. They’re thigh high camel coloured riding flats lined with faux fur, perfect for the cold, miserable Canadian winters. They’re durable, warm and I get tons of compliments whenever I wear them so why mess with a good thing right? Well when your boots are such a staple piece of your winter wardrobe, they become memorable and wearing the same boots year after year is slightly (very) redundant. I especially shot myself in the foot by purchasing camel coloured boots considering I had to alter my winter wardrobe to neutrals and earth tones. Luckily I knew how to style them each year so they didn’t look outdated, kind of surprising that a pair of boots lasted that long in the style department, they must have that Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants magic sprinkled on them or something.

This year I decided to mix it up a bit, I haven’t completely broken up with my riding boots (also known as my ride or die’s, see what I did there?) but I knew I needed something different. There were two problems, the first was absolutely nothing was catching my eye. I searched high and low through websites and all the shoe stores I could find, but still couldn’t find the perfect pair. Then again, I didn’t know what style I wanted. I had grown out of the combat/hiking boot style shoe and needed something a little less extreme than a riding boot. The second problem was my height, coming in at a whopping 5 feet, 2 inches, it’s hard to find a winter boot that doesn’t make me look shorter than I already am. I have very little in the leg department so I want to salvage the length I do have and exaggerate it as much as I possibly can.  With those two obstacles in my way, I decided to just stop looking and stick to my old shoes until I found something I absolutely loved.

What’s that saying? Love only finds you when you stop looking for it? I went to the mall the other day to quickly grab something and decided to take a peak inside the shoe store Globo – which was odd for me because I literally never go in there. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it’s just in an area at the mall that I never go to, anyways’s I found myself there and it happened; I fell in love with a bootie (also the name of my new rap album). Not too much of a point at the front, just tall enough on the ankle with a bit of a heel to make up for the areas it does cover; the perfect shoe. Naturally I snatched it up and even found myself saving 15% which was pretty awesome. Ever since, I’ve been having so much fun styling them with different outfits. Since many people complain about ankle boots being such a big trend right now because of their inability to style them properly, I thought I would show you guys my favourite looks so far. Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.14.32 PM

  1. first and foremost, wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans, although this is an obvious look, it’s one that can go horribly wrong, especially if you’re vertically challenged like I am. With the wrong jeans or top, you can sandwich your legs in between bulky sweaters and shoes that cut you off in the worst spot leaving you with little leg and essentially giving the illusion of less height. A quick fix would be cuffing your jeans just enough so the cuff ends about half an inch before the shoe starts. That little bit of skin can make a world of difference. I once saw Sarah Jessica Parker on an episode of Wendy Williams and she had said she never wears socks, even during the cold, New York winters for the purpose of adding the illusion of height.
  2. 1a68c0cdba8ebe519be79f89c1f4ab20Ankle boots with boyfriend jeans is one of the cutest and most casual looks you can do. it adds that feminine touch to a relatively masculine and sometimes bulky look. This style is usually paired with casual pumps to give it that feminine twist we’re looking for, but lets be honest, we don’t wear heels in our daily lives and although pinterest may make it look super simple to run errands in pumps, it’s just not practical. Since we usually cuff boyfriend jeans a couple of times at the bottom anyways, an ankle boot would be the perfect24d4a3b5cbe83cbeddaf0d4e4c8d407a shoe option when rocking this look on a colder day.
  3. Leggings are every girls go-to. As much as I love fashion and trying out different looks and styles, I absolutely hated getting dressed up in the morning when I was in school. In between juggling a full course load, working part time and spending half my day walking from building to building on campus, I had no desire to get dressed up and when I did I was completely uncomfortable. Leggings became my absolute best friend, paired with chunky sweaters and boots, you just couldn’t go wrong. Ankle boots not only dress leggings up a bit more, but they add a whole new dimension to styling the lazy girl go-to.
  4. bootiesOne of the many things I love about summer is the fact that I can wear a dress anywhere and everywhere. Even on your lazy days, you can just throw on a dress and look put together. That’s why I’m always looking for ways to prolong my ability to wear dresses. A cute fall dress paired with opaque tights is perfect combination for ankle boots. This look can also transition into the winter months with a sweater dress. Make sure your dress falls above your knees and that your boot is the same colour as your tights. Using nude tights with a black bootie will isolate each garment, make your legs look stalky and may also make the whole outfit look childish. Keeping a consistency with the colour of your tights and shoes will elongate the leg for a more put together outfit.

So far I love all these styles, but I’m always looking for more, tweet me pics of the way you’re styling your boots this season! Hopefully you got some new tips and tricks from this post

2 thoughts on “Four Different Ways to Wear Ankle Boots (Booties)

  1. Loved this! You made them look so new and quirky in each photo! I’m the same, lacking with height so it made me laugh with the little comments😂 p.s love the shoes 😘 x x


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