Athletic Attire for the Sideline Supporter

I’ve never been much of an athlete, in fact I’ve been told on many, many occasions that I’m born with the curse of two left feet; basically I’m clumsy as hell and no one wants me around any kind of game or match lest I hurt myself or anyone else. Thus, I’ve learned to be a sideline supporter, the girl who sits in the stands coordinating her outfit according to the team I’m told to root for (I also don’t know much about sports). Being Canadian, I tend to find myself at various hockey related events, although I don’t understand much of whats going on, there is something special about sitting and watching a game with a room full of people rooting for their team to come out on top. My all time favourite moment would have to be watching Canada win the gold medal during the last winter Olympics. I was having lunch with a few friends and the whole restaurant was completely silent with every eye fixated on one of the various screens on the wall. The third period was almost over and Canada was in the lead, there was a collective sense of anxiety and excitement in the air. The second the game was over the restaurant erupted in screams and cheers, everyone was embracing and as if rehearsed, the whole room began singing the Canadian national anthem in unison. As I heard the words to “Oh Canada” and watched our proud hockey players stand in a neat single file line to be handed their awards, I finally understood it – I understood the affinity towards a pass time that has the ability to unite an entire country.

Now, hockey season is back in full swing and I must once again begin my outfit coordination. I am fully aware that most supporters of the game do not care or understand the fascination of dressing for a team, but since I cant quite grasp the concept of hockey, I’m showing my support in my own way. So whether you’re a die hard hockey fan or the significant other of one, I’m going to show you how to show up to the game in style with a few simple tips and tricks.

  1. Let’s start with the most obvious, the NHL website. After perusing their online shop, I found so many cute items for ladies who want to show their support. From vintage graphic t’s and sweaters to Alex and Ani bracelets (who knew!?).

hockey 1

2.  Speaking of bracelets, the best option when dressing for a team is to accessorize. Blanket scarves are in in a big way this season, and the great part about them is they come in various colours which could easily transition from a trendy fall accessory to a spirit building statement piece.


3.  Gongshow Gear – an Ottawa based retailer that sells clothing inspired by the hockey lifestyle. Although this doesn’t quite fall under the category of team colours and spirit building attire, their clothing provide a comfortable yet stylish alternative for any hockey lover. Gongshow Gear features an array of slouchy graphic tee’s, warm sweatshirts and more to suit your personal hockey (

hockey 2

4. If you’re like me, your wardrobe lacks colour. Not that I have anything against wearing bright hues, I just find it easier to mix and match when all of my apparel is in the same colour family and for me, that means tons of neutral tones. When accessorizing just won’t do, opt for some fun nail art with your teams colours.

hockey 3

5. Everyone knows, in order to survive a Canadian winter, you have to layer your little heart out. Why not have fun with the layers by incorporating your teams colours into each garment? The Pinterest page “The Pink Puck” offers outfit options for various NHL teams; Camisoles, cardigans and brightly coloured jeggings offer a palate of options catered to each hockey fan.

hockey 4

Although fashion and sports seem to be worlds away, in a sense they’re one in the same. Both offer indulgent lifestyles in which followers immerse themselves, so why not combine the two?  I wanted to end this post with some kind of profound sports analogy but I don’t know any so…Go (insert your team name here)!!!!

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