Jillian Michaels Kicked My Butt

I like working out and living a healthy lifestyle almost as much as I love junk food and vegging out in front of Netflix. I’ve managed to find a good balance in my life of being completely productive and doing absolutely nothing. I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, but like most people in the world, I find my fitness motivation comes in spurts. While living a fairly busy lifestyle, I can’t find much time to go to the gym which makes the motivational spurts harder to maintain – that is until I discovered Jillian Michael’s 30 day body shred. When I first saw it I thought what the heck, lets try this out, how hard can it be anyways? The answer? Hard. Very hard. Most of you probably know Jillian Michael’s from the TV show The Biggest Loser. She’s the extremely intimidating woman that whips people into the best shape of their lives.

The 30 Day Body Shred challenge consists of three levels. You have to complete 10 days on each level before moving on to the next one. The first day I was like this is easy, no problem at all… that is until I woke up the next morning. The all around sore muscles made me feel like I had just completed the best full body workout ever and honestly, I had. I wish I could tell you the next few days got easier, but they didn’t. Although the workout only lasts about 30 minutes, it works every part of your body and when you’re constantly working the same sore muscles every single day well, lets just say its not fun. When properly completing all the outlined exercises, the combination of strength training and cardio allows you to shed any excess weight while toning targeted muscle groups for an amazing result. I’m almost done the first level and I’ve already noticed a difference in my body. My belly seems more flat, my legs more toned and I now have the booty equivalent of an early spring bud. Don’t worry though, I haven’t completely lost my ability to veg out, after all I am eating a Kit Kat bar while eating this; some habits cannot be kicked.

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