5 Classic Wardrobe Staples

We’re constantly reading articles and blog posts about the colours and trends that are in for the season, but rarely do we talk about the wardrobe staples. The classic pieces that never go out of style and should be in everyones closet. There are five essential pieces that I think everyone should own, these can be worn every year, every season and will never go out of style; think of these staples as the Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren’s of your closet – classics that stand the test of time. 93787808f66626ee014c1e4d95241830

  1. High-waisted black jeans and/or trousers – I know the high-waisted trend is fairly new for our generation, but in the grand scheme of the fashion industry, high-waisted pants have been around for ages and thank goodness for that – the low-rise trend was a disaster for everyone! I have two pairs of high-waisted black jeans (both from American Eagle Outfitters). Being petite I tend to opt for the “short” length which end just above the ankle, almost like cigarette pants. I think a black high-waisted pant with a slightly shorter length gives a classic look to any outfit, think Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Not to mention they’re perfect for any season.
  2. dfce9ff230f77974758281e75048f171White tops – Everyone should own the holy trinity of white, a tank, t-shirt and long-sleeve top. A basic white top is probably the most versatile garment you could own. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect white t-shirt, but I found the perfect white tank and long-sleeve top at h&m recently. These can be layered or worn alone for a crisp, clean look.
  3. Black Flats – In the words of Marilyn Monroe “give a girl the right shoes 89359b1f81b3f2a731723aeaa47979feand she can conquer the world”. You never realize how much you needed a good pair of black flats until you get them, then you’ll wonder how you’ve gone your whole life without them. The great thing about a good, classic pair of black flats is that they can seamlessly transition from outfit to outfit. Recently, I went to a barn wedding, everything was absolutely gorgeous but I made the mistake of wearing heels, and if you’ve ever danced on an uneven barn floor with heels you’ll know why that was a horrible mistake. Thankfully I had my trusty black flats in my car and was able to continue throughout the night without skipping a beat.
  4. 66c68d40e62320b04c7faf00bca6265dA tailored oversized sweater – We all love the cozy look of an oversized sweater, but some people take the term oversized a little too literally. An old hoodie you found at the back of your closet? thats alright for lounging at home but when you want to go out opt for something slightly more tailored. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but since the oversized trend is in right now, you can find loose, cozy sweaters at any of your favourite retailers and instead of opting for a size or two bigger than you would usually get, you can get something your own size which is designed to be slightly oversized yet flattering. It seems obvious, but I’ve seen many people fall victim to the oversized sweater, you may feel comfortable but you look like you’re drowning in fabric.
  5. A basic pump – when I was first able to start wearing heels, I bought the highest ones I could find. Honestly I looked like a t-rex trying to walk in them, all gangly with my knees bent trying to keep myee63459f18001eade561c441f4f8dfbf balance. I still own a few pairs of those shoes and look at them with a nostalgic cringe every now and then. Don’t get me wrong, a nice stiletto can really pull together a whole outfit, but a basic pump is an absolute staple for every closet. Something comfortable in a neutral colour that won’t make you look like an awkward prehistoric animal.

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