OOTD and Another Sephora Trip

After a particularly rough week, I decided to treat myself today (a la Tom and Donna).  I went to sephora and got a mini makeover-the poor makeup lady had to hear all about my woes and the reason why I was treating myself- which was great because I got to ask the beauty experts all my make up questions like “why the heck does my contour seem to disappear after a couple of hours?” The answer? You have to set a cream contour with a power! So obvious but i never even thought of it, so I bought the Shade+Light palate from Kat Von D’s line and so far I really like it. the palate carries matte shades which leave you with a more natural look rather than a shimmery face. I still have to play around with it a bit more and find the right tones for me, but so far no complaints. Anyways I got all dressed up today and decided to take a photo. Today I wore an asymmetrical romper from Forever 21 (which I previously talked about in my Forever 21 and H&M Haul), a chunky necklace from H&M (also in the video) and basic black pumps from Call It Spring. Super basic yet elegant look

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