Little List of Summer Beauty Essentials

One of my favourite parts about this season is trying out new beauty products. Living in Canada, its basically winter 75% of the year, so my make-up bag contains -mostly- dark, rich colours. Once summer roles around its a whole new ball game. I try not to wear a lot of make up in the summer seeing as having a tan gives the illusion of a decent complexion, I usually use this as an opportunity to let my skin breathe and do its own thing but with all the activities that get packed into the few, short, summer months, I find myself having to dip into my make-up bag more often than I would sometimes like to. Anyways, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite products this summer to share with you guys so here we go…

Benefit cosmetics Watt’s Up! highlighter. I bought this guy in the winter, but didn’t get much use out of it. The Champaign-ey glow seemed out of place with pale skin and rich colours, so I put it aside to use in the warmer months. Now that summers here I cannot get enough of this thing. It gives your face a gorgeous, dewy glow. I usually like to swipe it on my cheek bones for a subtle glow benefit-cosmetics-watts-up-highlighter-d-20110928181455917-151100

The next product I’ve been using is Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. I love the look of eyelash extensions, but lets face it they can be pricey and we’ve all heard the horror stories of losing your real lashes when keeping the false ones on for an extended amount of time. Thats why I always look for mascaras that lift and volumize for a false look without the cost or risks. I find that this mascara really makes my eyes pop, just after a few coats it looks like I’m wearing a set of false lashes. I’ve actually had friends ask me if I had gotten extensions while wearing this mascara.


The Stila Contouring kit is now a must-have in my make-up bag. From one of my previous posts, you guys know that i’m not the best at contouring, but it couldn’t be easier with this kit. A quick contour under the cheek bone, and a quick highlight on the brow bone and your face looks perfectly refreshed and sun kissed.


This next thing isn’t really a product, but it’s something that I recently discovered and fell in love with. The Sephora collection Perfectionist: Airbrush sponge. I always saw these at Sephora but never really knew how to use them, I bought one the other day and decided to give it a try and honestly, I don’t know how I lived without this thing before. So what you do is run the sponge under warm water for a few seconds, then squeeze out the excess water so the sponge is damp. Dip the sponge into your make up (I usually like to use it with my Stila contouring kit) and begin applying make up with small dabs. Keep dabbing until all make-up is well blended, and you should end up with a perfect airbrush look.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 2.30.35 PM

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick (29). When I first saw the colour of this lipstick I instantly grabbed it without thinking twice and tossed it into my shopping basket. Once I got home and tried it on, I felt it was a little too dark for a summer colour. As time went on the colour began to grow on me, and now I wear it almost every single night. Its the perfect mix of mauve and pink t give you that trendy purple lip without the commitment of an actual purple lip.


Last but definitely not least is the NARS velvet matte lip pencil in the colour Cruella. I first discovered this lipstick back in march when I got a free sample from Sephora as a birthday gift. I received so many compliments every time I wore it so I went back and bought the actual lipstick and now I never leave home without it. The colour stays on literally all day, which is fantastic for such a dark, intense shade. I find that this lipstick is great for a night out and brings any outfit together instantly. Although it’s a great night time shade, I’ll sometimes mix it with a light gloss for a subtly day time look.


That’s all for my summer beauty bag! With my shopping addiction, I’ll probably find many more products to add to this list, until I hope you enjoyed my little list of essentials.









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