The struggle of contouring 

so contouring is kind of like the thing now right? Everyone’s doing it and posting tutorials and whatnot. I decided to give it a shot and went out and bought myself a little contouring kit. After a brief tutorial from the beauty technician, I took to YouTube and began contouring according to the tutorials. I keep seeing girls who are able to completely transform their faces. I’m not super insecure and watching to totally alter my appearance or anything, but tweaking the parts of my face I’m not necessarily fond of doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I also thought that it would give me that Kim k airbrushed look, but after caking makeup all over my face and blending it in…I didn’t really see a difference other than the blemishes that appeared from all the make up I used. If anyone has any tips or tricks for contouring, pleeeease let me know. I’d love to figure out the proper way to do this makeup technique

attempting to contour

If you’re wondering why I have a t-shirt wrapped around my head, it’s because I use t-shirts to dry my hair! The cotton material allows the moisture to stay locked inside my hair whereas a towel strips it all out, the more you know…

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