Fitspo and other weird things I do

I have a love/hate relationship with the gym which is why I need fitspo in my life. What’s fitspo you ask? Mostly it’s photos of unattainable body types with generic, inspirational messages written on them, but thats not the kind that I use. For me, fitspo is the most obnoxious kind of music that you can listen to. Throw in a cameo from Taylor Swift or Katy Perry and i’m sold. I’m probably the person you hate most at the gym, sweating it out while bad blood is blearing out of my headphones loud enough for the people around me to hear (the kendrick lamar remix of course). I’ll be on the stair master listening to top 40 remixes while choreographing an elaborate dance in my head which I am always performing in an auditorium full of anyone that was ever mean to me. They all watch me with envy as i twirl, twist and twerk. They all sit there reassessing their lives as assholes hoping that I would share the millions of dollars I got from my career as a professional dancer.

I also use my iphone playlists to give me little bursts of inspiration. This is probably the most embarrassing part of all of it. I don’t know why I think anything on my phone is private. Recently my cousin saw my iphone playlist and madfitspoe fun of me for the fact that I have a playlist called “kick butt, take names” and a whole playlist just for Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” – Sometimes you just need to listen to Anaconda on repeat…it’s a good song. I think I just needed to write this post out of embarrassment, once you’ve been outed for your lame habits the only option you have left is to share them with the world.

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