Vitamin D Deficiency and Hair Loss!?

A few weeks ago, I uploaded a video about "the dreaded back part" where I talked about an annoying split in my hair that I could not get rid of. The video received a lot of engagement with people saying they deal with the exact same thing! You guys were leaving me comments and messaging [...]

Perfect Chocolate Pecan Cookies | Baking with Ani & Fabi

ohhhh my god these are honestly the best cookies ever. I'm not even exaggerating, I had to stop myself from devouring the entire plate in one sitting. They're perfectly moist, not too sweet and have a delicious crunch from the pecans. I'm not usually a fan of nuts in my baked goods, but these cookies [...]

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

I remember watching and interview with Alexa Chung once where the interviewer asked her about the size of her closet. She told him that her closet isn't as big as people may think it is and that she values quality over quantity. Since then, I've lived by that philosophy. My closet isn't big by ANY [...]

Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese With a Chrissy Teigen Twist

First I have to say that it feels so good to be back! I took a little YouTube hiatus with the intention of really figuring out where I want my channel to go and what I want to do. I knew I loved making videos (it honestly calms me down) but I was so tired [...]

Duvolle Spin Brush Review | Get Unready With Me

I've never used a skincare system before, they kind of always freaked me out. So when I was approached by Duvolle to review their Spin Brush, I thought I would give it a whirl and show you how it works from the perspective of someone who has never used any similar system before. Check it [...]

Easy | Fresh | Back to School Makeup Tutorial

It's that time of year again... I know, I know I hate myself too for bringing it up, even though I'm not in school anymore (after years and years and YEARS of schooling) I still get the same back to school anxiety of having to go back to a routine (as if i haven't already [...]

Ariana Grande Sweetener Album Cover Makeup Tutorial

Raise your hand if you're as obsessed with Ariana Grande's new album, Sweetener. I mean, come on God Is A Woman is an anthem if I ever heard one (did you guys catch her VMA performance?). I'm totally digging this new look she debuted with the album, its glowy, its natural, its goddess-y and I'm [...]