Quick & Easy Smokey Eye for Beginners

Starting out in the makeup world can be pretty intimidating, there is so much lingo, so many tools, so many palettes it could feel so overwhelming. I personally have loved makeup since I was a kid, I remember locking myself in the bathroom and putting on my moms lipstick – it made me feel so confident! That obsession has followed me into adulthood, there is something so calming and soothing about putting on makeup for me, I almost find it therapeutic, but I understand that not everyone feels the same way. With spring just around the corner, there are going to be tons of weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and general get togethers. Knowing how to do your own smokey eye for these events can not only save you the time and effort of getting it done, but it can also save you money! I created this guide for a quick and simple smokey eye. You can follow along with any palette you have! I hope you guys enjoy this video, don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe!!


Beauty & The Beast Makeup

Everybody and their brother is excited for the new Beauty & The Beast Inspired movie and how can we not be!? A childhood favourite reimagined for the big screen AND Emma Watson is the lead!? Since I’ve been watching the trailer over and over again, I thought I would channel all of my excitement into this beauty and the beast look. Enjoy!



Everything you need to know about Eyebrows!

Eyebrows are definitely having a moment right now, and one of the most common questions I get asked is how I do my eyebrows. That’s why I decided to make this video, a crash course on eyebrows, everything from how to maintain them, grow them and fill them in. I hope you guys enjoy this video, don’t forget to subscribe 🙂





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Make A Statement This Season

Coming from a Middle Eastern background, I’ve always been drawn to rich, chunky jewelry. There is something to be said about a good statement piece that can pull an outfit together yet still stand out on its own. I feel like all the most classic ensambles in history were remembered not because of the style, colour… Continue reading Make A Statement This Season