Turn Your Beauty Routine Green

29 Sep

Back in April 22nd, we all celebrated Earth Day by being extra conscious of our consumption, reusing, reducing and recycling. We take extra precautions like using reusable water bottles instead of the plastic ones, and biking instead of driving to reduce our carbon footprint, but ladies did you know that your make-up bag could be harming the environment? Take a look at the ingredients used in most products, they are packed with harsh chemicals and dyes that are not only harmful to the sensitive skin on your face, but to the environment as well. According to the David Suzuki foundation, there are 12 chemicals you should be looking for in your cosmetics ingredients, also known as the “Dirty Dozen”. These are:
1.      BHA and BHT – used in make-up as a preservative and can also cause cancer

2.       p-phenylenediamine and colours listed as “CI” followed by a five digit number- these are also known as tar dyes, enough said.
3.      DEA-related ingredients- these are used in foaming products like shampoos, they can be harmful to not only your skin but to fish and other wild life.

4.      Dibutyl- Found in some nail care products, this chemical can be a “reproductive toxicant” meaning it could have effects on the male or female reproductive system.

5.       DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, methenamine and quarternium-15- formaldehyde releasing preservatives

6.      Parabens- may interfere with male reproductive functions

7.      Parfum a.k.a fragrance- even some “unscented” products may contain fragrance that can lead to cancer, these are also harmful to fish and wildlife.

8.      PEG Compounds- another cancer causing ingredient

9.      Petrolatum- used in hair products, lip products and moisturizers, and can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, yet another cancer causing ingredient

10.  Products ending in Siloxanes or Methicone- harmful to fish and wildlife

11.  Sodium Laureth Sulfate- a cancer causing ingredient found in shampoos and bubble bath

12.  Triclosan- found in toothpaste, could contribute to an antibiotic resistance to bacteria.

I know what you’re thinking, not every day could be a make-up free selfie day, no need to worry though. Many eco-friendly make-up brands are beginning to surface, giving us options that not only improve our skin, but reduce our carbon footprint.

Lets start with the most popular and loved brand of them all, Burts Bee’s. With a wide variety of all natural beauty products, this classic has become a household favorite. The products are gender neutral without any feminine scents, so all you guys out there can also indulge in some chapstick to keep those kissers smooth and moisturized. Looking for a brand that contains all those natural ingredients but also add’s a pop of colour? Check out Tarte, a brand that features not only skincare and make-up products, but brushes and cosmetic bags that are all made of eco-friendly materials. You can find this collection at any Sephora store.

Next we have Ilia, a brand that specializes in lip products- from bright lipsticks to balms. What makes these guys eco-friendly is that they are made of 100% organic material, and even the packaging is recyclable.  You could find this organic beauty product at Holt Renfrew for $26. Seems a bit pricy, but when you factor in quality over quantity, this organic lip line is definitely worth it.

Last, but not least is the Good Karma brush line from Urban Decay. These brushes are 100% vegan (so you’re not applying your bronzer with a rabbit tail or anything) and 100% worth it. We all know how hard it is to find quality brushes that don’t leave bristles all over your face. With Urban Decays awesome rep for beauty products, we know we can trust their Good Karma brushes.

Hopefully these environmentally friendly tips can help you celebrate earth day, every day. We’ve started taking measures to reduce our consumption in every way, changing your beauty routine could not only improve your life, but the whole planet.

A little Inspiration for the day

28 Sep


On that note, I learned that doing quick, small strokes can give you a better effect than long ones. You’re welcome

15 Rules Every Well Dressed Man Should Know

25 Sep

Some of you may know that while I went on a little hiatus from this blog, I started writing for Fresh Print Magazine. Although the lifestyle blog didn’t work out, everyone loved an article I wrote about 15 different rules that every well dressed man should know. Here is a re-post of this previously written article

15 Rules Every Well Dressed Man Should Know

If you haven’t guessed from all the Facebook photos, Pintrest boards and anticipatory statuses, wedding season is officially upon us. If you’re in your mid to late 20’s, chances are you’re invited to a few this summer-heck maybe it’s your own wedding you’re preparing for.  While the women seem to have it easy with dozens of stores and websites catered to finding the perfect dress, it’s a little more difficult for the guys out there. Sure you can just throw on a suit and go, but do you know all the rules required for wearing the perfect suit? One small error could have you going from dapper to disheveled (ok maybe not that dramatic, but you know what I mean). No need to fret though, I’ve complied a list of the 15 rules every well dressed man should know, so you can go out there this wedding season and conquer the dance floor, looking extremely dashing while doing so.

  1. The width of your tie should always match the width of your lapel. Skinny ties always make a great fashion statement, but pair them with a wide lapel and it could look completely awkward. Choose your lapel according to the look you’re going for. Confused about which one to choose? Thin lapels are more modern, while thick ones are classic (think Mad Men). If you can’t afford to buy a suit each season, I’d stick to the classic, wider look.
  2. Let’s talk about accessories. Your belt should be fairly thin and should always match the colour of your shoes. If you’re wearing a chunky belt, it could take away from the rest of the look. When it comes to a suit, you want everything to blend evenly.
  3. Thinking of rocking a pocket square? I know, it’s a more classic look, but in reality it’s one that lets you add a little bit of your personality to the suit. If you decide to wear a pocket square, make sure it doesn’t match the pattern or fabric of your tie. To avoid being too matchy, wear a tie in a solid colour with a printed pocket square.
  4. Always make sure the shoulders fit. The shoulder pads in your jacket should end at your shoulder, this is crucial because the shoulders are the hardest to tailor. Don’t spend all that money on something you won’t end up wearing, unless you’re going for a zoot suit, but please, don’t do that.
  5. Also, make sure that your suit jacket is long enough to cover the zipper of your pants and your butt.
  6. A gap between the collar of your shirt and your lapel is a signal of an ill fitting jacket. Make sure the two garments overlap for a polished look.
  7.  You should be able to slip your hand between your chest and your buttoned jacket with it being a bit snug, but with some room to move your hand
  8. ALWAYS unbutton your jacket before sitting down, you can really risk ruining it if not.
  9. The top button of a two button jacket (or the middle button of a three button jacket) should fall at or above your belly button.
  10. Not sure how to tie your tie? Go for the classic Windsor knot. Make sure that when tied, the tie should be no longer than the waist of your pants; shorter is ok.
  11. Speaking of ties, always make sure the colour of your tie is darker than the colour of your shirt.
  12. If you’re going with a single button jacket, a vest could add some class (and warmth for the colder days) to your suit. If you are going for a vest, remember to unbutton the last button. I don’t really know why this is a rule, but it is. Although many men don’t always follow this and still pull the look off perfectly.
  13. Your sleeve cuff should be exposed out of your jacket sleeve about half an inch (about the same amount that should be visible of the back of your collar).
  14. Make sure that your socks are long enough that there is no exposed leg when you sit down.
  15. Finally, the hem of your pants should hit right at the top of your shoe.

I know, it’s a lot to remember, but a classic, well tailored suit is a crucial investment and one that you can use for years to come.

Tennessee Thomas, Brie Larson, Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway in Jenny Lewis’ new music video

15 Jul

For her new single “Just one of the guys” Jenny Lewis enlisted an all-star cast to help her with this bro-tasticly awesome music video. The starlets compose an all-girl band signing about some of the emotional strains of a female trying to fit in, while also goofing around in drag. If anything, you gotta watch this video to see Kristen Stewart in drag, seriously, it’s the only time I’ve ever seen that girl show any emotion. 


14 Jul

I never thought much of my love of clothing and trends, I just saw it as a hobby that I sometimes like to write about, that is until I started receiving messages from people about helping them with their wardrobe. The other day I received a message from someone I haven’t spoken to since high school. He had asked me if I could help him pick out some clothing for an upcoming trip, and I was more than willing to help. I had an absolute blast. We went for a comfortable look, nothing too crazy but something to help him get started on his journey through the fashion world. I went with simple cuts and neutral colours that would be easy to mix and match for someone who isn’t too sure of what they’re doing. In the end I think the results were amazing, see for yourself!

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve officially been bitten by the styling bug, I can’t wait to do more of these makeovers. 

whole 30 Day 12

25 Apr

Day 12 started out not so good, I woke up feeling groggy and a bit out of it. I think its because I usually incorporate a tiny bit of rice into my diet and I didn’t incorporate any on day 11, so again because rice is a carb and my body was getting sugar from it, my body began to withdrawal from sugar. I didn’t eat as well as I should have yesterday but regardless here goes my Day 12 meals..


-Fruit (banana and oranges)

-Tea (with honey and a slice of lemon)


-Mixed veggies


-3 Leftover turkey meatballs

-brown rice

-Mixed green beans and mushrooms 

I meant to try some almond/coconut pancakes today, but didn’t feel up to it so I’ll probably do it tomorrow and if it works out I’ll post the recipe. 

In other news, I have recently started writing for an online magazine called “Fresh Print Magazine” I’ll be writing fashion, beauty and health related articles. Follow me on twitter (@itsmelayan) for updates on posts. Until tomorrow, Happy Eating! 

Whole 30 Day 11

24 Apr

So as I said before, I tried out some new recipes today and they turned out fantastic! first I made some turkey meatballs in a tomato sauce that were really yummy, then I made some paleo friendly macaroons.

Turkey Meatballs

- Cut one Green Apple into quarter inch cubes

- Shred one carrot










- The recipe didn’t call for this but I slightly blended the combination of the carrots and apples to blend them easier










- Add 2 tablespoons of almond flour

- salt and pepper

-Add 2 pounds of minced turkey

- combine the mixture together with your hands until well blended










- Roll the meatballs into 1 1/2 inch balls and put them on a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil









-put into oven at 400 degrees for 20-25 mins


While the meatballs are cooking, its time to make the sauce

- fill the bottom of a small pot with olive oil

- saute one onion, shredded carrot and minced garlic in medium low heat

-Lower heat to a simmer and add one can of diced tomatos

- season with oregano, salt, pepper and whatever other spices you want to use

- Leave sauce on the stove to simmer until the meatballs are done










- let meatballs sit for a couple of minutes, then enjoy!
















The whole thing took me about an hour, its super easy to make and really yummy.


For the Macaroons

- In a bowl combine 3 egg whites, 1/4 cup of honey, 1/4 cup of almond milk

-Mix the three together until the mixture is frothy

-Fold in 3 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut

- Roll the macaroons into small balls and line onto a wax paper covered baking sheet

- pop them in an oven set at 300 degrees until the top gets golden brown (about 10-15 mins)

- Once done, let sit for 15 minutes then enjoy!

again, a super easy recipe and everyone loved it!

So now that I gave you the recipes, here are my day 11 meals


- Plain Omelet (2 eggs)

-Tea (sweetened with honey)


didn’t really eat much of a lunch yesterday


- 4 turkey meatballs


- Macaroons



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